the spider’s dream


I remember one Friday night
just before I moved to Asheville around 11 pm,
I’m sitting at my writing desk,
in my den of white carpet,
and a large black spider
traipses without a care
in no particular hurry
right in front of me –
as if it wanted to be noticed.

Just at that moment i receive a text…
twas my Hungarian lover in a distant land
exclaiming a large spider
just walked across her path in her kitchen…
I was stunned at this omen,
and quickly realized, Don Juan was right:
it is possible to have the same dream
and to travel within it –
our conscious experience was connected by the spider.
Was it the same spider?
Did our mingling essence manifest this sign?
Maybe we were the spider’s dream.

One Response to the spider’s dream

  1. ah- andnow we are together, and spider came back to give an insight:

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